Varziran Co.

Establishment of standards and management systems

We are decidedly committed to maintaining the most stringent quality assurance and quality.

Health, Safety and Environment

In the Varziran factory utilizes the methods provided by the company Phoenix international, the most clear and most secure conditions possible for employees, customers and is considered and observe health, safety and environment as the cornerstone of professional ethics of employees in this collection of miniature activities. Production methods in the company free of any negative effects of environmental policies and the products that a human will notice potential hazards or the environment or in the scope of the company’s production company also put strict regulations Varziran. regarding the Elimination of a safe and eco-friendly methods in accordance with the waste production situation.

Quality Control

Set in the Varziran commitment to quality & service after the sale of the first principle of all company personnel and in the field of qualitative principles and respect for the necessary training to customers and to its role in the provision of optimal quality and communication with customers full peers.


. Environmental management system certificate
. Health and safety system certificate
. Research and development certificate
. Sample award certificate issuer (more...)

About Varziran

Varziran was established in 1982. In 1994 Varziran is the leading producer of pipe coating materials, waterproofing membranes, joint and crack sealants, polymer modified bitumen, oxidized and straight bitumen according to the international standards in the region. These products are mainly used for oil, gas, water pipelines, building, and road construction providing excellent and cost efficient system without environmental risk and health hazards. At Varziran’s plant we respect environmental issues and the production process has been safe for the environment to the extent that the factory is located in the city of Qazvin.

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