About Varziran Company

Public joint Stock

Varziran Company was established in 1982 and since 1994 has started offering its products under license and with the participation of Phoenix International Company. The company produces a wide range of products based on modified bitumen, which are used in various industries such as road construction, building, reservoirs and water transmission canals and coating steel, oil, gas, petrochemical pipe and water pipes.

Why Varziran?

- High commitment
- Quality guarantee
- Production of environmentally friendly products
- With forty years of successful and brilliant experience
- Production and delivery of products in the shortest time
- Vanguard in the industry

Varziran Company


Varziran is a producer of oil-based products such as "pipe coating" and "civil engineering".

Varziran Company's construction products include road construction and building products, including bitumen emulsions, oxidized bitumens and penetration bitumens, Hot applied polymer mastics for asphalt and concrete surfaces, acrylic paints for interior and exterior surfaces, plastic and semi-plastic paints. Has developed industrial paints for epoxy sheds and floors and various types of waterproofing membrane.

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