Frequently Asked Questions

The most important feature of Varziran acrylic paints, in addition to the common features with other paints on the market, is, its high coverage. High coverage of acrylic paints produced by Varziran makes it very economical because with the same amount of paint, more surface can be painted.

In many cases, the problem of dampness and water leakage is eliminated by sealing and sealing the isogum, and there is no need to replace the waterproofing. In such cases, bituminous mastic can be used to seal cracked areas. Varzseal® sealant is a very suitable product for repairing isogum and sealing the areas needed for repair.

+ At least 10 years of experience in the field of waterproofing or isogum

+ Ability to sell at least 30,000 square meters of waterproofing in Varziran per year

+ Having a fixed place of business

+ Completing the memorandum of understanding of the sales agency of waterproofing

Varziran prefabricated waterproofing under the brand name of Varzflex® is produced using bitumen modified with SBS polymer (the best bitumen modifier in the world) and imported polyester lining of 230 g. Explain that it is not possible to produce SBS polymer in Iran and it is 100% imported. The combination of modified bitumen with SBS polymer and polyester padding makes it more resistant to tearing and perforation, which due to its SBS polymer has a surface self-healing property that completely distinguishes it from isogum and other waterproofing materials in the market. Other features of this insulation include the ability to withstand cold and excellent flexibility in cold, significant mechanical properties and tensile strength and excellent adhesion to a variety of building materials. Hence, the quality difference of this product is much greater than the cheap isogums of the market.

The thickness of Varziran Varzflex® waterproofing is 0.4 ± 0 0.2 mm, which is the best option for insulating sensitive and important structures; but in most isogums on the market, the thickness is 3.2 to 3 mm.

The surface to be insulated should be smooth and the top layer should be well connected to the body or the bottom layers. Note that before priming and starting the insulation operation, the work surface must be clean, dry and free of any dust and moisture. Finally, with the priming operation, the work surface will be ready for insulation.

Varziran insulation primer is used to prepare surface under the work and will absorb surface dust and prepare surfaces such as concrete, iron and other surfaces that have been designated for insulation in order to better adhere to insulation.

Varzflex ® Varziran waterproofing is flexible against cold up to -25 ° C, so the ambient temperature of Iran has no effect on Varzflex® and is stable against heat up to 110 ° C, which is higher than the Iranian standard for isogums in the market.

Yes, in the insulation of very sensitive structures such as Azadi Square and Iran Mall project Varziran waterproofing has been implemented in two and three layers.

The amount of overlap of insulation layers in flats areas is 10 cm and in existing waterways, corners to ensure complete sealing, is more and appropriate to the conditions of the area and is not limited.

Varziran Varzflex® waterproofing is produced using modified bitumen with SBS polymer and polyester reinforcing layer, the implementation is completely different from the isogums available in the market, for this purpose, if approved by the executive team of Varziran company to be installed and executed, it has ten years of Pasargad insurance and a twenty-year written warranty (guarantee) of Varziran company.