Bituseal® Pipe Coating System

Bituseal® is a coating on the outer surface of steel pipes based on petroleum-based bitumen modified with polymeric materials, which is the result of extensive and long-term research by the Danish oil companies Shell and Phoenix. One of the most important features of this coating is self-healing ability.

Production of bituminous enamel is based on bitumen modified with polymers, which promotes the unique properties and characteristics of this product; Properties such as flexibility, adhesion and high durability. This product has been used to protect pipelines against corrosion in many projects. Salafchegan Pipe and Coating Production Companies and Mahshahr Pipe Coating Production Company are the main operators of this pipe coating system.

In the pipe coating industry, insulation primer is used to increase the adhesion of coatings such as enamel Bitumen and enamel Bituseal® sprayed to the surface of metal pipes.

Bituseal® Primer by Varziran Company is offered in 20 liter gallons.

Bituseal® Primer produced by Varziran Company is a kind of artificial primer whose formulation is fully compatible with the coating of enamel Bituseal® pipe and Bituseal® membrane welding tape. To increase the adhesion of the insulation to the metal surface during the placement of the Bituseal® pipe coating on the pipe.

Given that the primer is a flammable substance, how it is packaged and transported is important.

Bituseal® outerwrap is a glass fiber reinforced with polyester mesh. This type of Tape, which is used in insulation of steel pipes, is impregnated with polymer-modified petroleum-based bitumen materials to be compatible with Bituseal® pipe coating system.

Bituseal® outerwrap, a product of Varziran company, is used in insulation halls of steel pipe coating companies and for installation on Bituseal® pipe coating.

In the pipe coating industry, this product is used for the top layer of Bituseal® coating on the outer surface of steel pipes. And it makes the cover cohesive and protects it.

Bituseal® outerwrap is a product composed of glass fiber impregnated with petroleum-based materials modified for mechanical protection of enamel bitumen coating. Bitumen surface tape is one of the components of bitumen pipe coating which is used for physical protection of bitumen pipe coating and is produced in Varziran company in the following types of sizes:

4 × 800, 8 × 800, 12 × 800, 18 × 800

Bituseal® Membrane is used to insulate the welding spot and connect the pipes to each other. Covering the welded joints makes the whole pipeline uniformly protected against corrosion and physical factors.

Varziran Bituseal® Membrane is compatible with a wide range of pipe coatings.

In steel pipelines, welds are the most vulnerable points to corrosion, so to ensure the protection of entire pipeline, it is very important to choose a welded coating that is qualitatively and technically compatible with the main pipe coating.

Bituseal® Membrane, applied at the weld site of the steel pipe, integrates the Bituseal® coating throughout the pipeline and facilitates cathodic protection of the entire pipeline. This product is produced as a Tape to cover the welded steel pipe and to repair the outer surface of the steel pipe as a patch, which in addition to the Bituseal® coating system is also compatible with the bituminous coating.

Varziran Bituseal®membrane adhesive tape has elasticity, self-healing, excellent adhesion, high resistance to induced cathodic protection current and ground pressure and high impact resistance even at temperatures below zero degrees Celsius.

Bituseal® Membrane Varziran has self-healing properties.

Bituseal® Membrane is technically and economically a unique and superior adhesive coating that in addition to Bituseal® system is compatible with various types of pipe coatings such as three-layer polyethylene, polypropylene, epoxy powder coating, enamel bitumen coating and enamel coal tar coating.

The self-healing property of Bituseal welding tape is such that after removing the physical and mechanical force applied to the coating, the deformation returns to its original state. In this way, scratches and cuts on the cover tape are repaired after removing the force.