About Us

Registration Number: 46118

Varziran Company
(Public Joint Stock)

CEO: Mr. Hossein Azizi

Varziran was established in 1982 and since 1373 has started offering its products under the license of one of the leading international companies.

Varziran Company

Variety of products

This company, by using specialized personnel in all units and having an equipped laboratory located in Qazvin city, produces hot coating materials to protect against corrosion of steel pipes of oil, gas, water and petrochemical condensate transmission lines. Also, the construction products of this company include special polymer asphalts, types of hot and cold polymer mastic for asphalt and concrete surfaces, acrylic paints and various types of prefabricated waterproofing. Bitumen emulsion and various types of oxidized bitumen and penetrating bitumen are other products of Varziran for construction and road construction.
It should be noted that waterproofing under the brand name of Varzflex® and the product of Varzplast® of this company is the only holder of technical certificate of Road Housing and Urban Development Research Center.

Varziran Company

Research and Development

Varziran Research and Development Unit received its official establishment license from the Ministry of Industry in 1997. The activity of this unit is in order to modify the technical specifications of the products in order to comply with national standards and adaptation to the climatic conditions of country and, if necessary, export markets. Varziran Company has participated in several major international projects and has exported its products to Europe, Africa and Asia, including Italy, Scotland, Denmark, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Nigeria, South Africa, Pakistan and Egypt.
Varziran has been selected as a sample exporter in 1379 and 1382 by the Export Development Center of the Ministry of Commerce due to standard quality of products and its influence in new international markets.

Varziran Company

Quality Control

Commitment to quality and after-sales service is the first principle in Varziran and all personnel of the company have received necessary training in observing quality principles and respecting customers and are fully acquainted with their role in providing the desire quality and communication with customers.
During more than two decades of activity, Varziran Company has succeeded in exporting a significant part of its various products to different countries. Undoubtedly, the supply of product in global markets is possible only with full compliance with international standards. It has been selected as a sample exporter for several consecutive years.

Safety and health

Varziran Company

Providing safe working conditions for employees, customers and visitors of Varziran factory is always our concern. Also, observing health, safety and environmental protection as the cornerstone of professional ethics is the main activity of the employees of this complex.

The production methods in this company are free from any negative environmental effects and products that potential risks to humans or the environment are not within the scope of the company's products. Varziran Company has also set strict regulations regarding the safe disposal of waste in accordance with environmentally friendly methods.