Types of bitumen

Polymer bitumen

Modified polymer bitumen Varzbinder® is produced by Varziran company, which is offered with the aim of improving durability, increasing its life and creating special properties for road paving. The result of using Varzbinder® in hot asphalt mixture is creating more tolerance and durability at low and high temperatures, enduring heavy traffic pressure and overcoming the problems caused by the inherent defect of bitumen in Iran, increasing axial loads, increasing tire pressure, sand deficiency It is good and finally reduces the incidence of common problems such as cracks and surface complications.

Bitumen with penetration rating

Includes bitumens

20-30   30-45   35-50   40-50   40-60   50-70   60-70   70-100   85-100   100-150   160-220   330-430

These bitumens, which are graded according to the laboratory index of needle penetration, are used in road construction and asphalt production. Varziran Company has the possibility of producing various types of bitumen with penetration grade.

Oxidized bitumens

Includes bitumen

85-25   85-40   95-25   105-35   115-15

This range of bitumens is classified based on the degree of softness (number one) and degree of penetration (number two) and is used in various industries such as roofing sheets, car batteries and surface coating, which has been used in Varziran factory for many years that they are widely produced.