Some of the most important projects carried out by Varziran “Pipe Coating” and “Construction” products

Pipe coating material

National Ethylene Project West of the country

Production of materials used to cover the pipes of the Ethylene Pipeline project in the west of the country

Building, waterproofing and roof garden

Sasan Diplomat Tower

Sasan Diplomat Tower Insulation Project – 2009


Judiciary Insulation Project – 2009

Azadi Square

Execution of Variziran prefabricated waterproofing (Varzflex®) in Azadi Square project – 2016

Iran Grand Bazaar (Iran Mall)

Execution of prefabricated waterproofing of Varziran (Varzflex®) in different parts of Iran Grand Bazaar project (Iran Mall) – 2017

Tajrish Commercial Citadel

Execution of prefabricated waterproofing of Varziran (Varzflex ین Green Roof) in Tajrish Commercial Citadel for Roof Garden or Roof Garden – 2016

Saad Al-Saltanah Qazvin

Execution of prefabricated waterproofing of Varziran (Varzflex®) for insulation of the roof of Saad Al-Saltanah historical caravanserai of Qazvin – 2014

Holy shrine of masoomeh

Insulation project of the shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh – 2010

Imam Martyrs Memorial Bridge

Execution of prefabricated waterproofing of Varziran on the deck of Yadegar Imam Martyrs Bridge – 2011

Road construction, asphalt and mastic staining tape

Imam Khomeini International Airport

Staining of the asphalt of Imam Khomeini International Airport by Varztape tape

Mehrabad Airport

Aerolastic performance of Mehrabad airport by Mastic Varzseal SH / 10 – 2015

A number of projects that have used Verflex waterproofing:

1- Insulation of water tanks of Damavand power plant
2- Insulation of water tanks of Sanandaj power plant
3- Insulation of water tanks of Shirvan power plant
4- Insulation of water tanks of Jahrom power plant
5- Insulation of water tanks of Khorramshahr power plant
6- Insulation of water tanks of Neishabour and Genaveh power plants (Mapna Company)
7- Isolation of the projects of Atbat Alayat Kazemin and Samarra in Iraq
8- Isolation of the shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh
9- Isolation of Tehran prayer hall
10- Isolation of the shrine of Imam Khomeini
11- Isolation of Baqershahr prayer hall
12- Isolation of Imam Sajjad (AS) Mosque in Tehran
13- Isolation of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) Mosque in Tehran
14- Isolation of tunnels and metro stations in Isfahan
15- Roof insulation of Isfahan steel factories
16- Petrochemical isolation of Aria Sasol Assaluyeh
17- Roof insulation of Iranian aircraft buildings
18- Data isolation of the new building of Tehran Stock Exchange
19- Isolation of Azadi Square in Tehran
20- Isolation of the book garden area
21- Insulation of buildings and concrete processing pool of Tehran University
22- Isolation of Qazvin Azad University
23- Insulation of Chalous roof towers
24- Insulation of Mehr Afarin Mahmoudieh tower
25- Isolation of Qazvin trade
26- Isolation of Jaraj Bouali Dezashib
27- Insulation of Farmaniyeh waterfall tower
28- Insulation of Derna Chalous Complex
29- Alton Niavaran tower insulation
30- Shariati rain tower insulation
31- Isolation of Ordibehesht Kelardasht villa town
32- Isolation of Bahman Hospital in Gharb Town
33- Ghaem Hospital Isolation
34- Isolation of Shahid Forghani Hospital in Qom
35- Isolation of Qom Power Plant Hospital
36- Isolation of the new Japanese embassy in Velenjek
37- Isolation of Parsian Azadi Hotel
38- Isolation of Caspian Parsian Hotel
39- Isolation of Iran Mall commercial complexes
40- Insulation of Sam Center commercial complex
41- Insulation of Palladium Commercial Complex
42- Insulation of Tajrish commercial citadel commercial complex
43- Insulation of Al-Ghadir commercial complex in Qom

And hundreds of other projects …

تعدادی از پروژه ها که از گرین روف ورزفلکس® استفاده کرده اند:

1- ایزولاسیون گرین روف برج رز رزیدنس
2- ایزولاسیون گرین روف برج آمتیس
3- ایزولاسیون گرین روف برج آلتون
4- ایزولاسیون گرین روف مجتمع تجاری سانا سنتر
5- ایزولاسیون گرین روف هتل درگاه ضامن مشهد
6- ایزولاسیون گرین روف عمارت باغ فردوس
7- ایزولاسیون گرین روف ایران مال
8- ایزولاسیون گرین روف ارگ تجاری تجریش
9- ایزولاسیون گرین روف باغ کتاب
10- ایزولاسیون گرین روف میدان آزادی