Waterproofing Membrane

What is isogum?

Isogum is the trade name of a type of prefabricated waterproofing that is used to insulate roofs, walls, foundations, tank insulation, pool infrastructure, water canals and the like. Isogum is a coating of one or more layers that is used to insulate surfaces against the penetration of water and moisture. Isogum compounds often contain bitumen and synthetic fibers that are heat-bonded to the concrete surfaces.

As you remember, in the past, waterproofing of buildings was traditionally done with bitumen and Tarpaulin, which with the advent of waterproofing and the advantages of this type of insulation gradually gave way to different types of isogum.

Prices of various types of isogum

The price of isogum varies according to its thickness and number of layers. Usually, the thickness of isogum is 4 mm and it is produced in rolls with a width of 1 meter and a length of 10 meters. The main composition of isogum is bitumen, which is modified by special polymers to increase cold flexibility, increase thermal stability and tensile strength. The more these properties are strengthened, the better quality and final price of isogum.

Varziran waterproofing is also known as Varziran and Qazvin isogum.

Varziran Company is a manufacturer of a wide range of products based on modified bitumen, including waterproofing. In the production of waterproofing, the company uses polymer-modified bitumen, which has improved elasticity, high flexibility and significant mechanical strength. These products, which are also known as Varziran or Qazvin isogum in the market, are used in road construction, construction, tanks and water transfer canals.

Prefabricated waterproofing of Varziran

Prefabricated waterproofing of Varziran

Varziran’s VarzFlex® and VarzPlast® waterproofing Membrane, also known as Qazvin or Varziran Isogum, include a 4 mm polymer-modified bitumen membrane with a polyester reinforcing layer. The outer surface of these insulators is covered with mineral powders, polyethylene, aluminum and patterned aluminum films and the inner surface of the insulation is covered with polyethylene or polypropylene film to prevent the tape from sticking during storage and handling. Varzflex® Green Roof is another type of waterproofing that is used for substructure of roof garden or green roof and due to its high resistance, it prevents the penetration of plant roots to the lower surfaces.

Applications of Varziran waterproofing

– Roof insulation as the final layer of stone, cement, mosaic, …

– Insulation of water tanks, pools and saunas

– Insulation of multi-storey car parks

– Insulation of decks and bases of bridges and tunnels

– Insulation of kitchen floors and bathrooms

– Insulation of foundations, walls and retaining walls

– Roof garden insulation and green roof

Install isogum

Installation and execution of isogum relies on sufficient knowledge and experience to provide long-term protection of structures against moisture and humidity.

Installation steps of isogum:

1. First of all, the concrete surface is covered with Varzfluid® WA/2 primer. (If the surface is clean and has good adhesion, you do not need to use a primer)

2. After the primer dries, the bottom layer of isogum is installed on the primer surfaces by heating burner.
The important point in this regard is the uniform heating of the moisture insulation by the gas burner. The best result will be achieved when a stream of molten bitumen is created in front of the opening of roll. However, the heat should not be so intense as to damage the insulation surface. And the edges of roll should be heated so that a thin strip of molten bitumen comes out from under it.

3. To open the roll, it must be possible to heat the next layer parallel to the first layer.

4. The overlap in the first layer should be at least 10 cm and the insulation roll should be completely heated with burner and glued.

5. Stepping on a heated roll should be avoided as footprints may remain on it

6. Download the complete guide for installing isogum here.